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September 28, 2017

Did you know that our podcast episodes that are available on iTunes and Podbean only represent a small part of our Guided Sleep Meditation collection.  A huge collection of guided sleep meditation audio mp3s is available on our Patreon page at  and by becoming a patron you will have the ability to download or stream each session to your computer, mobile device or MP3 Player.

Many people also like to access our sessions through Patreon using the Patreon APP.  Simply get the APP from the APP Store or Google Play and you'll be able to instantly download our sessions right into the APP and play them from there whenever you want to listen to them. It really is a NO HASSLE way to enjoy these wonderful Guided Sleep Meditations.

I hope you'll join us on Patreon and continue to enjoy our sleep meditations.

Alan - Tracks To Relax