Halloween Sleep Meditation - The Dark Castle

October 21, 2018

Follow the path all the way up the hill to the top, there you'll discover a Dark Castle that holds many secrets. Explore this place before it gets dark, for after dark, strange things happen here. Do you like creepy, scary stories at bedtime? Visit the dark castle and discover the secret within in this Haunted Halloween Sleep Meditation.

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"Come Play", "Concentration", "Spiders Eye" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


Gentle Talk Down sleep Meditation to help you get to sleep fast

October 9, 2018

I think you're going to love this new guided sleep meditation! I fell asleep during the final listen while creating it! We'll start at your toes and work our way upward as we relax each and every muscle gently along the way.  You can listen closely or just let you mind drift as you let all those muscles relax completely.  So relaxing and de-stressing, you're going to love it!  Please remember to support our Podcast by becoming a Patron! Visit www.TracksToRelax.com for details!


Tracks To Relax Guided Sleep Meditation

September 23, 2018

Relax completely and fall asleep fast with this progressive muscle relaxation meditation. Visit us on Patreon for many more selections at www.patreon.com/trackstorelax


My Blank Canvas Guided Sleep Meditation

September 6, 2018

Imagine yourself creating a unique piece of art on your blank canvas each time you listen to this guided sleep meditation. Take your mind off your worries and relax deeply as you imagine yourself painting a work of art. Everyone has all the abilities necessary in their imagination to create anything they desire during this sleep meditation, so close your eyes, grab your paint brush and paint!  Support our Podcast by becoming a Patron or Premium Subscriber on Patreon or Podbean! https://www.patreon.com/trackstorelax 


Dreams Of Flying Guided Sleep Meditation

August 8, 2018

Get ready to relax completely as you imagine yourself being able to take to the air and fly!  As you fly through a series of numbered circles or hoops in the air, you'll relax more and more deeply until you drift off into a wonderful sleep. Listen to our Premium Podcast on Patreon at www.trackstorelax.com


Ripples Of Relaxation Sleep Meditation

July 28, 2018

Sit by the lake and relax for awhile. As the loons pass by and the sound of the water lapping the shore help you to relax more and more. You may be suprised at just how relaxed you become as you drift off into a wonderful sleep.  Listen to our Premium Podcast, go to www.TracksToRelax.com for all the details!


Relaxing Descent Guided Sleep Meditation

May 3, 2018

Get ready to fall asleep fast as you descend into deep relaxation and comfort. Enjoy the wonderful background music as my voice guides you and you ride a series of escalators all the way down into deep relaxation, comfort and a special experience just for you.  Elements of this guided meditation can be different each time you listen.  You can support the creation of these sleep meditations and access many more by becoming a patron at www.TracksToRelax.com 


Get back to sleep - A guided sleep meditation

March 21, 2018

We have all awakened in the night for whatever reason and then found it difficult to get back to sleep. If you're like me those old sleep remedies like drinking warm milk, counting sheep etc... haven't done much to help me get back to sleep more quickly. This sleep meditation podcast is all about relaxing again and falling back to sleep after you have awakened.  Please visit our Patreon page at http://www.bedtimemeditations.com and consider supporting this podcast. When you do you'll get access to over 70 wonderful guided sleep meditations that will help you get the very best night's sleep ever! 


A walk in the forest sleep meditation

February 2, 2018

Take a wonderful walk through a beautiful forest. The birds are singing and you'll relax more deeply with each and every step you take. This guided sleep meditation by Tracks To Relax is all about feeling good and lifting you up as you drift off into a wonderful sleep. A Longer version of this meditaiton is available at http://www.bedtimemeditations.com where you'll find many more sleep meditations on our Patreon page.


Comfort & Relaxation Sleep Meditation

January 17, 2018

Get ready to relax completely and fall asleep quickly with this comforting guided sleep meditation by Tracks To Relax. Visit our Patreon page and listen to over 65 sleep meditations at www.BedtimeMeditations.com